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Absolute Music / Daniel Chua

Adorno's aesthetics of music / Max Paddison

Aesthetics and the art of Musical Composition in the German Enlightenment / H. C. Koch

African polyphony and polyrhythm / Simha Arom

After Adorno / Tia DeNora

The Age of Mozart and Beethoven / Giorgio Pestelli

Alban Berg / Theodor W. Adorno

Analyzing Popular Music / ed. Allan F. Moore

Analyzing Schubert / Suzannah Clark

Ancient Greek Music / Stefan Hagel

Bach: The Goldberg Variations / Peter Williams

Bach's Dialogue with Modernity / John Butt

Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra / David Cooper

The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / Allan F. Moore

Beethoven / Robin Stowell

Beethoven / Nicholas Cook

Beethoven the Pianist / Tilman Skowroneck

Beethoven: Moonlight and other Sonatas, Op. 27 and Op. 31 / Timothy Jones

Berlioz Studies / ed. Peter Bloom

Berlioz: Roméo et Juliette / Julian Rushton

Berlioz's Orchestration Treatise / Berlioz

Britten's Musical Language / Philip Rupprecht

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 / Benjamin M. Korstvedt

Bruckner's Symphonies / Julian Horton

The Careers of British Musicians / Deborah Rohr

Carl Dahlhaus: Foundations of Music History / Carl Dahlhaus

The Characteristic Symphony in the Ageof Haydn and Beethoven / Richard Will

Chopin: The Four Ballades / Jim Samson

Chopin: The Piano Concertos / John Rink

Choral Music on Record / ed. Alan Blyth

Chromatic Transformations in Nineteenth-Century Music / David Kopp

Chromatic beauty in the late medieval chanson / Thomas Brothers

Communication in Eighteenth-Century Music / ed. Danuta Mirka

The Dastg?h Concept in Persian Music / Hormoz Farhat

Debussy: La mer / Simon Trezise

The Developmental Psychology of Music / David J. Hargreaves

Donizetti and his Operas / William Ashbrook

Dowland: Lachrimae (1604) / Peter Holman

Dvorak: Cello Concerto / Jan Smaczny

The Early Clarinet / Colin Lawson

Early Keyboard Instruments / David Rowland

The Early Violin and Viola / Robin Stowell

Early recordings and musical style / Robert Philip

Edward Elgar, Modernist / J. P. E. Harper-Scott

Eight Centuries of Troubadours and Trouvéres / John Haines

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Elgar: ‘Enigma’ Variations / Julian Rushton

English Choral Practice 1400–1650 / ed. John Morehen

Ernst Kurth: Selected Writings / Ernst Kurth

Form, Program, and Metaphor in the Music of Berlioz / Stephen Rodgers

German music criticism in the late eighteenth century / Mary Sue Morrow

Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue / David Schiff

Giacomo Puccini / Mosco Carner

Greek Musical Writings / Edited Andrew Barker

Greek Reflections on the Nature of Music / Flora R. Levin

Handel's Oratorios and Eighteenth-Century Thought / Ruth Smith

Haydn Studies / ed. W. Dean Sutcliffe

Haydn: String Quartets, Op. 50 / W. Dean Sutcliffe

Haydn's “Farewell” Symphony and the Idea of Classical Style / James Webster

The Historical Performance of Music / Colin Lawson

A History of Pianoforte Pedalling / David Rowland

Holst: The Planets / Richard Greene

Hugo Riemann and the Birth of Modern Musical Thought / Alexander Rehding

Hugo Wolf and his Mörike Songs / Susan Youens

Hugo Wolf and the Wagnerian Inheritance / Amanda Glauert

The Improvisation of Musical Dialogue / Bruce Ellis Benson

Introduction to the Art of Singing Johann Friedrich Agricola / Johann Friedrich Agricola

The Invention of “Folk Music” and “Art Music” / Matthew Gelbart

Ives: Concord Sonata / Geoffrey Block

J. S. Bach / Peter Williams

Janácek Studies / ed. Paul Wingfield

The Keyboard Sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti and 18th-Century Musical Style / Sutcliffe

Liszt: Sonata in B Minor / Kenneth Hamilton

Mahler's Sixth Symphony / Robert Samuels

Making Words Sing / Jonathan Duns

Mendelssohn: the Hebrides and other overtures / R. Larry Todd

Metaphors of Depth in German Musical Thought / Holly Watkins

Mime, Music and Drama on the Eighteenth-Century Stage / Edward Nye

Modernism and Popular Music / Ronald Schleifer

Monteverdi / John Whenham

Monteverdi / Paolo Fabbri

The Motet in the Age of Du Fay / Julie E. Cumming

Mozart: The ‘Haydn’ Quartets / John Irving

Mozart: The ‘Jupiter’ Symphony / Elaine R. Sisman

Mozart's Piano Sonatas / John Irving

Music Analysis in the Nineteenth Century / ed. Ian Bent

The Music and Thought of Michael Tippett / David Clarke

Music and patronage in sixteenth-century Mantua / Iain Fenlon

Music and text: critical inquiries / ed. Steven Paul Scher

Music and the origins of language / Downing A. Thomas

Music criticism in nineteenth-century France / Katharine Ellis

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